Basic Cracking Tools Article


Basic cracking tools

Basic cracking tools overview

In our previous article you read about cracked accounts, cracking, what is cracking and other general information. In this article you will get information about basic cracking tools that we use to crack accounts. There are a lot of people out there that code cracking tools, for themselves, and also for the public. Some of them even make their living from coding these kind of cracking software.

There are a lot of basic cracking tools but in this article we will cover :

  • Checkers
  • Combolist (aka Combo)
  • Combo editors
  • Proxy utilities
  • Dorkers 

Let’s get into explaining each of the cracking tools without losing more time.

Checkers, one of the most important in basic cracking tools.

As you already know, account cracking is the process of obtaining unauthorized access in someone else’s account, by using different tools that don’t require a lot of knowledge in the hacking world.One of the main basic cracking tools (and maybe the most important one) is an account checker.

An account checker is basically a software or program that goes to a specific website and tries to check the information (email/user : pass) that provide before starting the process, also known as a combolist.

If the information is valid, it is considered as a hit. It may look complicated but it is pretty easy, since it is an automated process, written in the checker software code that repeats itself every time that it checks a new line of information from the combolist.

Checkers may vary from easy to very complicated ones, from one type of account checker, to all-in-one checkers, used for a wide range of websites, sometimes 100+, that may even check multiple types of accounts simultaneously. But despite the checker type, one thing that they all have in common is a term called ‘thread’ or sometime ‘worker’. 

What exacty is a thread/worker?

A thread/worker is a single window where the checker does the checking of the information provided by the combo. The whole process is done in the background (in most cases, but there may be checkers that actually show a preview display of the threads).

Usually people run a lot of threads in a checker, depending on their processor capacity, since checkers use a lot of the processor power. The most common thread number used is between 200-300 threads. There are people with powerful PCs that may run much more threads and maybe multiple checkers in the same time.


Combolists, the second in basic cracking tools from the importance.

We have mentioned the word ‘combolist’ a couple times now, but what is the combolist? A combolist is actually a short form of ‘combination list’, which is a text document that contains the information that is used in login pages.

There are different formats of combolists, but the most used ones are mail:pass and user:pass. As you may have already understood, mail:pass combos are used for sites that require email and password to log in (for example Netflix, Spotify etc.), while user:pass combos are used in sites that require username and password to log in, like Steam for example.

Combo creators dump them from website databases, using SQL Injection to enter the database of the website, and get the information of it, also called as a data breach. Not everytime combos are high quality ones. Sometimes they give a lot of hits (valid accounts) sometimes they may give 0 hits, if they are private and used a lot of times by others.

Combo Editors

Now that you know what combos are, you probably want to know what are combo editors. You can understand it by its name, but what exactly do combo editors do? The answer to that question depends on the editor. There are a lot of editors over the internet, free and paid ones. Some of the edits that the editor does are:

  • Turns combos from email:pass to user:pass, by removing the extension.
  • Turns combos from user:pass to email:pass by adding the extension.
  • Adds letters/numbers/symbols to create new combinations.
  • Removes duplicate lines.
  • Filters combos, to separate from junk content.
  • Changes email extension to create new lines.
  • Sorts different email, putting different types into different files.
  • Splits the lines into different files, with ‘x’ lines each. ‘X’ is a number that you decide.


What are dorks and why do we use them?

Dorks are phrases, also known as strings, that are used by search engines to search about text and files in websites. So basically dorks help to scan the web. By using dorks crackers find sites that are vulnerable to SQL injection, so they can access their databases and steal the combolists.

How to create dorks?

Dorks are easy to find/create. You can get them for free in cracking forums, Youtube, hacking sites etc. or by handwriting them. Normally the second way will give you better results, because generators give the same results to a lot of people, while your dorks are more private

Proxy Utilities

I am pretty sure that you have heard the word ‘proxy’ many times if you have read about account cracking these last days. After some minutes, after reading this section, you will fully understand what proxies are their types, and what do they do. Lets begin without losing any more time.

What are proxies and why do we need them?

A proxy is a gateway between a computer and the internet. It separates the user from the website, by changing a part of his information, in this case the IP address. The main reason for using proxies is easily understandable. 

Most sites block an IP address if from that address are coming several attempts for logging in and they fail. So if we use our IP, it will be blocked after checking just a few accounts. By using proxy servers we can check a lot of accounts, just change the proxy when it gets banned/blocked.

How many types of proxies are there?

There are 3 main types of proxies.

  1. HTTP
  2. HTTPS
  3. SOCKS (Socket Secure)

There also are two types of SOCKS proxies, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5.

Why should i buy proxies instead of using free ones?

This actually is a good question. Yes, there are a lot of free proxies online, but if you really want to check a lot of accounts in the shortest time possible, you need to get some HQ paid proxies. The reason behind that is that free proxies are used by a lot of people, and most of them are banned in almost all sites, plus they are slow, like very slow.

You wont be able to check even a small combo. While paid proxies are high quality, not banned in sites and will give a much higher CPM (Checks per Minute).

A site for free proxies that we suggest is :