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All combolist categories can be found in this page

Choose the combolist category that is required for your needs and dowload the latest combos.



In this category you will find country targeted combolists shared daily. Country targeted combolists are combinations of accounts only from one specific country, and are obtained by dumping websites that have users from that specific country.


Mixed combolists can be used for all types of accounts cracking, and contain worldwide accounts. These combos are good in general.  You can use the same combolist to crack different account types, and you will have a good hit rate when using these.


Gaming combos are the best for cracking gaming related accounts, like Steam, Origin etc. These combos DO NOT give good hits on streaming accounts, use mixed combos for that. If you need to crack a specific game that requires username as pasword, use user:pass combos.


Mail access combos are the ones that you get hits on specific sites, but can also access its email, so the password of the email is the one in the lines. These combos can be used for different account types, and mail access is a big bonus sometimes.


User:Pass combos are in the user:pass format, not email pass. If the accounts you want to crack require information as username and password, you cant use mail:pass combos, but use user:pass instead. If you’d like you can use combo editor tools to make mail:pass to user:pass.

How to use combolist lines, in order to crack accounts yourself for free?

It is an easy process that probably you already know. After you have downloaded the combolists, you will need to put it in a checker and check it. There are a lot of checker types, and all of these are available to download for free in our site. If you want to download go to this link https://cracking.dev/checkers/ . Everything is free, download links are direct and there are no ads whatsoever.

To do so, you will find a tutorial in our site very soon. You will also need proxies, and you can download some for free in our site by going to this link  https://cracking.dev/proxies/. We got everything that you need to crack, and all is totally free.

Keep in mind that gaming combos are better for cracking gaming accounts, like Origin, Steam, etc. which means that you should not expect a very high number of hits in Spotify, Netflix, Hulu (streaming accounts in general) or other types of accounts.

If you want to download combos that give you good hits for all types of accounts that you need to crack, check out the mixed combolist category down below, in related combolist section. If you want accounts from a specific country only, we share these for free too, check our country targeted combo section.

If you want to know more about combolists and/or other tools make sure to read our latest article that explains all the basic cracking tools (nicely explained, beginner friendly) by clicking this link https://cracking.dev/basic-cracking-tools-article/

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